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Business Access Registration

Make the registration process to patrons or prospect patrons easier.

Entrepreneurs Focused On Growth Inc is providing the Business Access Registration to companies in Michigan to assist with Emergency Order Under MCL 333.2253 – Gatherings and Face Mask Order. Our website developers worked hard over the weekend to implement a simple process to support the businesses impacted by this Emergency Order. Our team is prepared to support each of the companies impacted.

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How it Works

Mockup1 copy.png

Your business will receive a custom QR code to be able to print out or save to a mobile device

After a patron scans the unique QR code at the business which they are visiting, a registration form will pop up to allow them to input their information

Upon clicking submit,
the patron will be redirected to
a confirmation page which can be shown to the business to confirm that they have registered

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Assortment of Mugs

Register below for only

$20 and receive QR code

Print QR card to showcase at the front door of your building.

Patrons will scan QR code and fill out registration form to enter building.

Example Registration.png

Scan QR code to go

to example Patron Registration Page

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