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Grow Your Network


How big is your network?

The purpose behind Grow Your Network is to focus on promoting your business in different manners than you have before and to expand your network with potential clients, potential investors and, when the time is right, a potential exit.

We do this by combining brand awareness, events, and social media. 



Brand Awareness


Social Media

Strategic partners are included with every GYN & TONIC engagement. You will meet with PR and Brand Organizations, Pitch Coaches and will have 8 meetings a year dedicated to the Tactical Strategic Business Plan (Tactical SBP) of your organization.

Our Team consists of Graphic Designers, Videographers and Systems and Technology experts all regarding the conception, implementation, and execution of your Grow Your Network program.

We believe if businesses treated every project as an EVENT there would be better communication, increased group involvement and impactful professional presentation.


We will plan, produce, and execute and edit interviews with you and a guest speaker. Guest speakers are curated and provided by EFOGI.

Social Media

We will work with you to update your LinkedIn and or Facebook profile as well as post on your personal and group LinkedIn and Facebook pages regarding upcoming events (tailored posts, flyers and video content). We will also post your past interview snippets to promote your past events and grow anticipation for your upcoming events.

LinkedIn Automation

We will set up a LinkedIn automation system to send custom connection requests to your target audience.

Pitch Coaching

Our strategic partner will work with you monthly to curate your message for your 30 second elevator pitch, social media profiles, your bio and review all communications that are posted on behalf of you and your company to ensure they have your tone.

Tactical SBP

Many entrepreneurs are familiar with strategic business planning or SBP.

We begin prior to your SBP meetings. We will work with you or your team to develop a Tactical Strategic Business Plan focused on the core areas that you want to grow in. We will produce a Tactical Strategic Business Plan Playbook that you can implement yourself or you can retain us to assist you with implementation.


Our sponsorship program was designed so that your organization can sponsor a single event or a few events so you can participate with our communities.

We have the opportunity for in-person and virtual events as well as local and global events.

Resource Partners

We will develop a resource partner program for your organization based upon partnering with you on an annual basis. We know that clients do business with people they know, trust and like and we provide your organization that opportunity with our communities. Our consistent approach to having your brand in front of our communities is important to building a relationship and we have designed our program to accomplish just that.


We will create a microsite to promote your upcoming events, facilitate registration, and provide users with access to past events and past interviews with ongoing maintenance and updates.

Networking Events

We will plan, produce, and execute live networking events in your area tailored to your target audience. 

Due Diligence Meetings

Do you want to raise money for your business? We produce events that are focused on the audience of potential investors. We have developed a Run of Show and process that shares your information and creates a CTA for those attendees who are interested in investing. 


Raising Money?

Due Diligence events will expand your network.

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